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Avid sheep hunters and conservationists have long anticipated the next book in the franchise series Great Rams by Robert. M. Anderson. The author and new publisher Boone and Crockett Club announced a collaboration to produce Great Rams III.

A limited edition with just 2,000 copies.

Boone and Crockett Club is excited to offer the third installment of Robert Anderson's Great Rams series of books. This limited edition features brilliant full-color printing in a high-quality binding that is sure to please collectors. With over 400 images-- historical and modern field photos from decades of sheep hunting, plus B&C score charts--and ten captivating chapters about sheep hunting history and adventures, Great Rams III will keep readers enthralled every time they turn the page!

The new book honors the traditional format of its predecessors with marked improvements--printed in the U.S. on high-quality paper with impressive full-color photographs throughout. Content is classic Great Rams fodder taken to the next level with stories of legendary sheep hunts and hunters, field photographs, features on historic trophy areas and conservation efforts, and a look at yesterday's--and today's--sheep hunter. Bonus material includes a full section on the top ten sheep in all four categories recognized by B&C, authored by long-time official measurer and member Fred King. Readers are also treated to special pages dedicated to historical B&C trophies including readable reproductions of the original score charts, some dating back to early 1900s.

Limited Press Run -- Hard Cover with Dust Jacket.

There is a 20% discount available to Associates, Members and Official Measurers. Please place order by phone to receive the discount. Call 888-840-4868 to order over the phone.

Associate Member Price $125.00

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