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Boone and Crockett Club Announces Antler Analytica



Research Antlers in Detail

Antler Analytica is an antler geek's dream, and the newest addition to our suite of tools in Big Game Records Live. Is it just trivia? Maybe. Or perhaps it may reveal clues into genetics, habitat, and game management practices.

Measurements form the foundation of our trophy data. Using this data, we've developed tools that analyze and compare different elements contributing to a trophy's score across geographic locations. For example, if you've ever wondered which area in North America has the largest antler circumferences for a whitetail deer, our tools can provide that insight and much more, allowing for detailed comparisons and analyses based on regional variations.


1. Antler Profiler

The Antler Profiler is a tool that creates a visual graph to analyze and compare antler data across different states. It displays the average measurement for each trophy category in each state, broken down by average score, and average lengths of main beams, spread credit, points G1 through G7, and total circumferences.



2. Antler Dissector

This tool provides a visual representation of the average measurements in decimal inches for each state, along with the total number of trophies taken. This tool differs from the Antler Profiler in that you can see a line graph of each measurement across the states & provinces you've chosen along with the total number of animals taken.



3. Geographic Comparer

This simple tool gives you a quick visual comparison of specific measurements between states (sorry, no Canada or Mexico). The darker the green, the larger the measurement. The results are interesting and reveal how different gene pools, environments, and game management practices affect the way antlers grow.



4. Ratio Viewer

The ratio viewer displays the ratio of non-typical to typical animals for all states and provinces. Yet another interesting view into our data.


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