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DIY Series - Fair Chase Magazine

DIY Series - Fair Chase Magazine

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Fair Chase is the one source for communicating with Club Members and Associates. As such, editorial content focuses on issues of importance to the Mission and Visions of the Club. Fair Chase contains Club news and activities in the areas of conservation, education, hunting advocacy, conservation policy, and wildlife sciences efforts, as well as insights from experts outside of the Club.

Features focus on a wide range of topics, including issues that affect hunting and big game species, articles that offer an historical perspective, and those that address future hunting and wildlife concerns. Conservation and biological features cover areas of concern to game managers and hunters, as well as success stories from across North America.

Do-it-yourself series

The DIY series started by Justin Spring, Director of Big Game Records, began in the Fall 2018 issue. This series was created to give our readers a detailed description of the process of putting together a do-it-yourself hunt. Each issue featured a different species and location. We are looking to expand the series to include more locations and species, along with different perspectives from the hunter.

The Fair Chase Editorial Board is looking for DIY articles that have a writing style that: 

  • Melds facts, personal experience, and observations to come to a conclusion and a reader take away. 
  • Aligns with the Club’s mission and supports Fair Chase ethics. 
  • Provides ah-ha moments to readers on topics they may be struggling with. 
  • Addresses why DIY hunting is important and/or why you choose a DIY hunt.


These feature series should be approximately 1,500 - 2,000 words and include supporting photos. These photos do not have to be from a specific hunt, but need to illustrate the narrative of the story. 

DIY checklist:

To maintain consistency through the series each article will need to include a checklist of items needed and potential costs associated with them. This should include: Tags/ Licenses Lodging Travel Gear: Pack, Optics, rifle Food/supplies Shipping/Freight (if successful)


To submit your story and photos contact Karlie Slayer or call 406/542-1888. All stories will be reviewed and approved by the Fair Chase editorial board.


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