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Rarely do we have a solution so readily at hand that improves our public lands, increases hunter success rates, creates jobs, and mitigates disasters. The solution is to better manage our national forests. We need your immediate support to address this work and other vital projects.

The health of our national forest system is on the precipice of catastrophic failure: 80 million acres of the system’s 193 million acres are at elevated risk of crippling wildfires and insect or disease outbreaks. Every day that passes increases these threats while setting us back financially. Large-scale wildfires alone are costing American taxpayers billions of dollars annually to suppress.

The worst of it—because our national forests are not being actively or properly managed, we are losing jobs, resources, and our chance to mitigate climate change. Improved forest management can contribute greatly in helping mitigate climate change, as healthy forests store more carbon than overstocked forests, and they are less likely to suffer from wildfires, which release many tons of carbon back into the atmosphere.

Active management creates young forest habitat, which provides adequate food sources, nesting habitat and hiding places for forest wildlife. From a hunter perspective, unmanaged habitat creates reduced hunter success rates, which leads to fewer license sales, which equates to less money for state fish and wildlife agencies.

The left side was treated with commercial thinning and prescribed fire three years previous, while the right side of this road was untreated. A crown fire spotted from the right side into the treated area, dropped from the canopy and decreased in intensity.

Our national forest system was created to provide recreational opportunities and timber to benefit the whole country, but right now it’s barely helping anyone. People’s livelihoods and wildlife habitat are at stake, and the 2021 fire and hunting seasons are drawing near.

The 116th Congress produced a historic number of legislative accomplishments on behalf of hunting, recreational shooting, and wildlife conservation. But there is much more work to be done.


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Please consider donating today so the Boone and Crockett Club can further bi-partisan reforms to support science-based solutions for today’s conservation challenges.

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"The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. So we must and we will."

-Theodore Roosevelt