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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boone and Crockett Country is a weekly hunting documentary celebrating the best in big game hunting and conservation in North America, where celebrity is the game animals we hunt. Produced by the most widely respected name in big game records keeping, fair chase, and conservation, and presented by America's Optics Authority, B&CC explores all aspects of big game hunting from species biology, favored habitats, and today's best trophy destinations, to the science of big game management, and the time-honored, ethical traditions of recreational hunting.

Each episode airs three times a week.
(Monday - 3:30am) (Friday - 12pm) (Sunday - 10am) EST

Utah Shiras' Moose – June 28, July 2 & 4
What was once nearly removed from the west and classified as watchable wildlife has made a come back thanks to sportsmen and landowners. Although still one of the most tightly controlled species of big game in North America, the opportunity to hunt them does exists, as Dallas Safari Club Executive Director, Ben Carter finds out for himself. He also learns of a landowner program in Utah that is aiding this species and others, as well as landowners and public hunting.

Colorado Archery Elk – July 5, 9 & 11
Andy York, VP of Marketing and Product Development at Leupold & Stevens finds out that when it comes to downing a rutting bull with an arrow, timing is everything, wrapped in a lot of luck. His crew also learns a valuable lesson about the different phases of the Colorado elk-breeding season.

Alberta Mule Deer & Whitetail – July 12, 16 & 18
Alberta burst on to the scene as a hot spot for record-class mule deer less than two decades ago. Historically, the deer have always been there, but something changed. Could it be a lesson for other mule deer ranges?

Illinois Muzzleloader Whitetail – July 19, 23 & 25
Three days is not a lot of time on stand for a trophy whitetail. But if your stand is in the hottest big buck region in North America, it might just be. Andy York of Leupold explores what the agricultural boom in the mid-1800s has meant for feeding our nation and growing Boone and Crockett deer.

Arizona Archery Elk – July 26 & 30, August 1
If you had to pick one trophy elk hunt in North America today that consistently produces bulls pushing 400-inches, it would have to be the White Mountain Apache Tribal Lands in Arizona. Enough said.

Mexico Mule deer – August 2, 6 & 8
Jack O’Connor once wrote, he considered it a moral victory to just see a doe in the Sonora desert. You’ll see more than that. Why is it that the toughest place on earth for deer to make a living grows the biggest racks in North America?

Montana Elk – August 9, 13 & 15
There are places still in North America that can be like having an elk tag good for hunting in Yellowstone Park. This is one such place.

Colorado Mule Deer – August 16, 20 & 22
Not that long ago the word was the sky is falling on our western mule deer populations. Outdoor write, Ron Spomer finds out, not so fast, at least in Northwestern Colorado. Sound science tells a different story.

New Mexico Pronghorn & Elk – August 23, 27 & 29
If the pronghorn hunting on the NRA’s Whittington Center in New Mexico is good, what about the elk hunting. Leupold’s National Sales Manager, Cyndi Flannigan proves this out for herself on a late season push for a post-rut bull.

Trophy Hunting – Are we draining the gene pool? – August 30, September 3 & 5
“Reverse evolution” is the spin being put on selective hunting by those with “all hunting” in their crosshairs. No one told them that does contribute half of the genetic footprint.

Wolves in the Rockies – September 6, 10 & 12
The Rocky Mountain grey wolf was removed from the Endangered Species list in 2009 and for the first time Montana and Idaho conducted regulated hunting seasons. While some are still crying genetic diversity, other say even three times the quota is not enough to save elk and other species from the greatest crash since the birth of modern wildlife management. Separating fact from emotion with the biggest environmental political football of all time.

British Columbia Grizzly – September 13, 17 & 19
No other land mammal strikes fear in the heart of man more completely than the adult grizzly bear. Blisteringly fast, savagely tooled, unreasonably powerful and free from remorse. Once viewed as a deadly obstacle to human progress, the grizzly still roams the British Columbia wilderness and now, back in some of his old stomping grounds in the Lower 48.

27th Big Game Awards – September 20, 24 & 26
Evidence that our systems of habitat and wildlife management are working are on display at the Boone and Crockett Club’s 27th Big Game Awards. If real trophies are a thing of the past, where did these big boys come from?

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