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Kyle McClain 2009
Ohio Big Brows
December 18, 2009

Here is a pic of my 09 Ohio Buck. I killed him October 10th 2009 in Hocking County. I first glassed the buck in August and nicknamed him "Big Brows". After many hours glassing from long distance I got the north wind I needed on the evening of October 10th. I went in at noon, hung the stand, and settled in for the evening. At 5:45pm he walked outta the brushy ditch he called home right where I had expected. After a 35 minute wait he slowy fed on the soybeans into range, at 33yards, and my arrow found its mark. I have had him unoffically gross scored by my taxidermist who is a P/Y scorer. He came up with 181 3/8 and 181 1/8. His brows are 12 0/8 and 12 3/8. Both his G2s are over 11 and both are split. Main beams are 25 1/8 and 25 5/8. His inside spread is 20 2/8. I am planning on haveing him officailly scored in 2 weeks.


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