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Ted Winnen, AK 2001
The Legend Grows (and may never die)
May 8, 2006

Just about the time you finally think you might be through getting emails on this bear, here it comes again. Stories have ranged from shooting the bear in self-defense with a pistol to the fact that it had eaten several people (including one that was still in his stomach). Grotesque pictures were even added that never had anything to do with the real story.
Here are the real facts. This trophy Alaska brown bear (not grizzly) was killed by Theodore A. Winnen in October 2001 on Hitchinbrook Island, AK. Winnen was on a deer hunt with friends when they encountered this giant bear. The bear was only ten yards away when Ted was finally able to get the shot he needed.
Its preliminary entry score is 28-14/16, but that score is asterisked, as it has not yet been verified. If that score holds, it would be the 145th-largest bear recorded by The Boone and Crockett Club.


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