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Eric Vreeland 2010
Woodland bonus
February 20, 2011

UPDATE: Eric's caribou has been officially scored at 334-1/8. This score is well above the B&C all time minimum and should rank in the top 40 woodland caribou in B&C records.

Eric went to Newfoundland to hunt moose with his dad and ended up with this once in a lifetime woodland caribou. Eric was happy to have a moose tag in his pocket but his dad insisted on buying him a caribou tag as well, and Eric is glad he did! While Eric and his guide were taking pictures of a decent bull they spotted this big bull and a couple cows bedded on the edge of a bog. They were able to close the distance to 200 yards. The bull stood up and Eric made the shot. It is reported to have a green gross score in the 350's.


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