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Kevin Reid 2005/2004
Email Hysteria
October 31, 2005

Pictures of these two elk have been circulating the internet at the speed of light. Rumors had them coming from Oregon, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, and Montana. In actuality, the bulls were taken on consecutive years on a high-fenced private ranch in Idaho.

As such, these two elk are not eligible for entry into the Boone and Crockett Club's Records Program. Tenet IV of the Entry Affidavit states that game "confined by artificial barriers, including escape-proof enclosures" are not taken according to the standards of fair chase established by B&C, and as such do not meet the requirements for entry.

The bull in the top photo is rumored to score 502; the bull in the bottom photo is rumored to score 447. Both are unofficial SCI scores. The bulls are eligible for the SCI records book as SCI does recognize trophies taken behind an escape-proof enclosure as eligible for their records book.


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