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Jason Sanders 2010
WR 8
March 6, 2012

This 8-point has been circulating the Internet.

Captions read "Pending B&C Worlds Record 8-point"

The buck was taken on the opening day of the Illinois second shotgun season by Jason Sanders.

At 183-1/8 it would be the largest "clean" 4x4 ever entered in Boone and Crockett Records. The largest clean 4x4 scores 180-3/8. Jason's deer actually has a small abnormal on one antler leading it to be a 4 by 5 or nine point eastern count. While it's the largest 9 on record, there is a 4x4 with two abnormal points that scores 184-5/8

B&C does not declare World's Records based on the most or least amount of points, or other individual measurements. A quick analysis of entries shows at least 418 deer with 8 score able points making up their score in the typical category. This includes 4x4's and 4x5's with any number of abnormal points. These deer make up their entire score on three tines, beam length, mass, and spread credit.


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