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Plymouth, WI 2012
Massachusetts Loss
December 13, 2012

UPDATE: Getting mixed reports this deer was killed by a car in 2010, not in Wisconsin, but MA.

This great deer was the victim of an all too familiar vehicle strike. Hopefully no one was killed or injured.

According to 2000 data, of the 6.1 million lightweight vehicle collisions in the U.S. that year, 247,000 were deer strikes. The result was 200 human fatalities and $1.1 billion in property damage. An addition $3.3 billion was spent by state and federal governments, insurance companies, and drivers to manage the increasing number of deer-vehicle collisions. This data is twelve years old. Data from 1981 shows 26% of all large mammal deaths in the U.S., including deer, where killed on the roads and highways.

One would expect today's numbers to be higher across the board.


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