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Josh Frostic 2011
Ohio Book
February 16, 2012

My name is Josh Frostic. With the help of the Lord, I harvested this great buck in Delaware County, Ohio with my bow on Nov. 19th. I've had him officially scored and he added up to 188-0/8 gross, 180-6/8 net.

He has a 29-4/8" main beam, and the other is 30-5/8". Four of his tines are 11-inches or longer with the longest coming in at 12-5/8". Three of his circumference measurements are 5-inches or more, and all the rest are 4-inches or more. He also has a 22-2/8" inside spread. All the glory goes to God, but I want the world to know what He's done for me.


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