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Jerry Bryant, IL 2001
New #4 All Time Non-typical Whitetail
November 8, 2004

Crossbow hunter Jerry Bryant took what has been accepted as the new #4 All-time non-typical whitetail. It was taken in Fulton, Co., IL, during the 2001 season. The buck’s final score will be verified in 2004 by the 25th Awards Program Judges Panel.
Jerry’s buck also qualifies as the 2nd largest whitetail ever taken by a hunter. The #1 and #2 All-time non-typicals where both pick-ups (Missouri Buck – 333-7/8 and Hole-in-the-Horn – 328-2/8). The current #1 hunter taken non-typical was taken by Tony Lovstuen in 2003 in Monroe Co., Iowa and scores 307-5/8.

UPDATE: Jerry Bryant's great non-typical came for review at the 25th Awards Judges' Panel. Final score is 304-3/8. It is a 17x20 and has 113-2/8" of abnormal points.

NOTE:Read the complete story of the Bryant Buck in the Spring 2003 issue of Fair Chase magazine.


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