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Gary Ingman 2007
Alaska-Yukon Bull
July 9, 2008

I am a faithful fan of the Trophy Watch column. I thought you might be interested in a photo of the Alaska-Yukon moose I harvested on a solo self-guided hunt in the central interior of Alaska last September. After a friend dropped me in the bush in his Super Cub, I packed my gear up drainage, set up camp, and then hunkered down in my tent while it poured rain for 40 hours straight. The weather finally cleared early in the morning on the third day and I headed out. After climbing a mountain and passing on a legal (50+ inch/4 brow tine) bull that morning, I spotted a better bull raking brush more than a mile away across another drainage. I knew it was long odds given the flat terrain and head high brush, but decided to give it a try. After ascending a finger ridge to the distant bench, I spotted several cows and shadowed them for more than an hour while they browsed along into the wind. They eventually lead me to the bull I had spotted several hours earlier. The bull was bedded alone and, upon seeing me, bolted to his feet and sprinted for nearby cover. Unprepared at the moment, I peeled my rifle off my shoulder and got a good shot off just before he disappeared into heavy cover at 30 yards. The .338 did the trick and he stopped, reversed direction and went down. I packed meat at a leisurely pace for the next four days knowing that my pilot would not be back for a full week. The heavy antlered rack, which has not been scored yet for B&C, went 60”. The meat is excellent!!

p.s. the grizzly outside my tent on the last night is another story (but I survived to tell it).

Gary Ingman


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