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Jared Lynn BC 2007
Shot Not Taken
August 26, 2008

This is a photo of my son, Jared Lynn, with his first big game animal taken in the junior whitetail season in the East Kootenies of BC.

I am very proud of him for his effort to become a hunter. He passed his CORE training (British Columbia requirement) earlier this year at only 10 years old. He practiced his shooting diligently all summer in anticipation of his chance to go hunting. However, what impressed me the most was the shot that he did not take. The previous evening to his successful hunt, he passed on a significantly larger 4-point buck. He said that he could not get set for a clean and steady shot, so allowed the deer to pass. The next evening he did get set up firmly and downed this buck with one shot to the heart. At 10 years old he truly believes in fair chase and that trophy is in the eye of the hunter. He has no regrets for downing this great, first buck. I have no doubt that he will have many more trophies in his hunting future.

He does have some ego however. He calls his buck a non-typical with a 4 inch drop tine. I think he describes it perfectly...

Mike Lynn


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