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Dan Cnossen 2009
Wounded Warrior Outdoors
May 25, 2010

Dear Trophy Watch,
I am a Boone & Crocket Club life member. Within this past year I have started a charitable organization to take combat wounded military vetrans on hunting and fishing trips. We are funded totally by donations and corporate sponsorships and are completely volunteer, assuring that as much of our donated funds as possible make it to benefit our vets.
We just returned from our first trip as WWO, a spring bear hunt to southern British Columbia. It was a success beyond my greatest expectations.
I am attaching a couple of photos from our trip. One shows the entire group. The second shows one of our vetrans, Lt. Dan Cnossen, with his trophy. Dan is a graduate of the US Naval Academy as well as a Navy Seal. Being that we just returned his bear has not been officialy scored but should score north of 20".
The success of our trip was far greater than the score of each trophy, as you can imagine. However we were successful in getting all vetrans their trophies.
Best Regards,
Ron Raboud


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