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Martin Martinson 2012
Saskatchewan New #1
December 14, 2012

Another great Saskatchewan bull that I have had the pleasure to put my tape to this fall.

Proud hunter and father Martin Martinson, poses with his tremendous bull elk and his girls. This massive bull grosses 414-3/8 and nets 398-5/8 typical.

With main beam lengths of 66-0/8" and 63-2/8”, G4 lengths up to 24-6/8”, H1 mass up to 10-5/8”, this bull is destined to be great! This is one animal that has to be seen to appreciate it’s awesome size and mass!

Michael Halirewich
Official Measurer H168

Once entered an accepted at 398-5/8 this bull would surpass the current SK provincial record typical - a bull taken by Dwayne G. Miller in 2009 that scores 390-1/8.


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