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Idaho 2011
New Pending World's Record Elk
January 11, 2012

This bull was taken from a preserve in Idaho, a detail that was left out of the first flurry of emails that went flying across the Internet. No question this bull is an exceptional animal and would score high, but not with B&C.

Game animals that are not managed by a state or provincial wildlife agency (private wildlife) where there is not a structured hunting season and a tag or permit issued to hunt them are not eligible for inclusion into Boone and Crockett records. The same holds true for animals confined within escape-proof enclosures.

The purpose of the Records Program has always been to maintain a data set of wild, free ranging native North American big game as a gauge of successful conservation and game management efforts, as well as quality habitat. Without these three, plus the cooperation and funding provided by sportsmen, the existence of trophies in the wild would be rare.

Captive wildlife are excluded in large part because the potential for intensive breeding and unnatural feeding precludes any real value to the data, other than to the wildlife owners, breeders and those who pay to shoot them.


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