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Kevin Fonagy Spring 2012
SK Real Blonde
December 26, 2012

Well after taking my time to get my most prized possession scored, I finally made the time to get Pat Mackenzie, Official scorer for B&C to green score my blonde bear that I have been after for the last five years. He ended up scoring 22-5/16. At the same time I had him to score my 2010 black that was posted up on Trophy Watch some time ago. He ended up scoring 21-5/16.

I am so stoked over these scores as I now have four all-time Boone and Crockett bears in five years. The pic of this blonde does him no justice at all, he is a golden blonde and I have never seen such a beautiful animal in my life. Hard to believe how many world-class bears are coming out of Saskatchewan over the last number of years.

Kevin Fonagy

SK ranks #4 in total BB entries (93) over the past 10 years behind WI-342, PA-166, and AK-116.


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