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Larry Earley, FL 2004
Bacon, Anyone?
January 10, 2005

What can you say about this photo? That is one big pig! Larry Earley reportedly killed the pig when it charged him. He had thought from a distance that it was a cow! It is also reported that it weighed nearly 1100 lbs. With hogs like this lurking about, will B&C have to start a new category for stray swine?

UPDATE: We spoke with Larry recently. He is more than happy to talk with anyone about his experience. He knew about this giant hog for a few years, as it roamed the very rural area 30 miles from Orlando. This past year, he saw it rooting around on his property. He went back and got his .44 S&W (affectionately known as "The Hogthumper") and fell the overgrown piglet. Stats include 8" and 5" tusks, 1100-1200 lbs., and 42" around the neck.


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