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John Appelbaum 2012
Missouri Hold Out
January 5, 2013

John Appelbaum has been hunting since he was 8 years old. He took his first buck two years ago. He then began watching Growingdeer.tv and Midwestwhitetail.com type shows and decided to wait for a mature buck. He spent well over 100 hours in the stand during the last two years. He took his first archery buck this year and passed on many small bucks and countless does. He finally got his chance at a big one and did not miss. He shot this at 50 yards with a 30-06 and the buck dropped 30 yards away. He and his father attempted to score the buck (with no training) and on a gross basis it was 147” with 16 points. This buck was taken in south central Missouri where there is no crop production which just improves trophy status of the buck for him.

Dan Appelbaum

TW: Looks like you know more about scoring than you give yourself credit for.


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