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Gerald Rightmyer, KS 2006
A New Legend Emerges
January 6, 2007

Newly trained Official Measurer Gerald Rightmyer was hunting in Morris County, Kansas this fall when he crossed paths with a buck that nearly defies description. The incredible mass, unique droptines, and great beams make this buck almost mythical.
Unofficial green score on this tremendous deer is 285-3/8 gross and 269-1/8 net. Should that score hold anywhere close, it would become the second-largest deer in Kansas history. The state record, taken by Joseph H. Waters in Shawnee County in 1987, scores 280-4/8 points.
Congratulations, Gerry, on a truly fantastic Boone & Crockett trophy!

UPDATE: It's official - at 266-2/8, Gerry's great buck is now the second largest ever recorded in Kansas.


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