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L.S. Chadwick 1936
Celebrating 75 years -- The Chadwick Ram 1936-2011
August 9, 2011

Right horn: 50-1/8 Left horn: 51-5/8. No other mountain sheep on record of any species has recorded both horns over 50-inches.

The World's Record Stone's sheep is considered by many big game enthusiasts to be North America's greatest trophy. L.S. Chadwick took this unbelievable specimen while on expedition along the Muskwa River draining in British Columbia on August 28, 1936.

At a final score of 196-6/8, in 75 years of hunting and records keeping no other Stone's sheep ram has come close. The #2 all-time B&C ram was taken in 1962 and scores 190, which is also the only other ram on record to score over 190.

Why is it that one animal, that now lives only in pictures and on a mounted form, is so celebrated? Perhaps it is that the days of the month-long expiation hunts on horseback, deep into the "never hunted" are long gone. It could be that this particular trophy stands as a testament to these once untouched and unspoiled wildernesses? Maybe it's because this one trophy represents our long fascination with the biggest and the best.

Will this World's Record ever be bested? Within the top 20 rams on record (183 - 196-6/8) only three rams have been taken since 1970. From this list it appears the decade of the highest-ranking Stone's was the 1960s.


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