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Wisconsin 2008
Combine Bear
May 25, 2010

UPDATE: This bear photo must have reached everyone who uses email. It has been officially scored at 22-1/6. If it is entered and the score holds, this bear would place in the top 20 B&C bears to come from Wisconsin. Although unfortunate circumstances surround this boar's death, it can at least stand as a testament to the quality of bears that can be found in Wisconsin.

Early reports reported this big bruin was hibernating in a Wisconsin cornfield when he was hit and killed by a farmer's combine. Facts that have surfaced have confirmed that the bear was hit by a combine, but dead before impact from a poacher's bullet. The rest of the story goes further downhill from there.

The DNR said the bear weighed over 700 pounds. Also, a B&C scorer has reported that he has been contacted about scoring this boar for the DNR. B&C will accept illegally taken game only if it is owned by a state agency and entered on behalf of the citizens in that state.


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