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Idaho Game Farm 2010
Game Farm Bulls Fraudulently Entered
February 10, 2011

This great bull has been flying around the Internet for quite sometime under the heading, New P&Y World's Record, Colorado. Here's the real story.

This bull was entered in B&C's 28th Awards Program on a Colorado elk tag with an entry score of 405-1/8 and has been rejected.

The Boone and Crockett Club's records department, with assistance from a Colorado B&C Official Measurer and a Colorado Division of Wildlife game warden determined that this bull was taken on a game farm in Idaho in 2010.

The same hunter attempted to enter another bull scoring 402-7/8 reported to having come from the same ranch in Colorado in 2009. This bull has also been rejected.

Boone and Crockett Club's Records Program, since its inception in 1906, does not accept or recognize trophies raised for the purpose of shooting on game farms, preserves, or within escape-proof enclosures.

No game laws were broken and no charges have been filed. It is not against the law to fraudulently attempt to enter trophies into the records book, just not smart.

B&C records data is a useful tool for game managers in monitoring the success or failure of big game management programs. This data is also a valuable tool for policing itself.

The state of Colorado offers tremendous elk hunting opportunities to the sportsmen, including trophies, but two bulls over 400 from the same ranch, by the same hunter in back to back years? Even if this anomaly was not brought to the attention of the Club by an Official Measurer, it would have been flagged by the Records Department processing the entires and doing its due diligence.

Dating back to 1830, the state of Colorado has produced only five bulls that score over 400 typical. Only one was taken in the last 24 years.


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