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Chad Goetten, IL 2003
Mass Upon Mass
November 8, 2004

Trophy Watch, This photo has been making its rounds on several Internet discussion boards during the past month. I have no details behind the buck, the hunter or the location where this beast was killed. I'm hoping you (or TrophyWatch regulars) can give me some details. The antlers just look too massive to be real. Any clues? Thanks, Adam Heggenstaller

UPDATE: Chad Goetten shows off the 25-point buck he shot in the Fieldon, Illinois area. Goetten said this is by far the biggest buck he has ever seen. After 60 days the buck will be B&C scored to see if it is a new county record. Green scored estimated at 248.

FINAL UPDATE: Chad's monstrous non-typical was accepted at 234-7/8. It has 6-7/8" and 7-2/8" bases, and a mind-boggling 54-7/8" in total mass measurements. Surely, this will be one of the most massive deer ever to be recorded.


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