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Big Montana Bull?
April 25, 2008

This fantastic trophy bull elk was reportedly taken in Montana, but no further information is available yet. Regardless, this huge non-typical is quite a specimen.

Email us at tw@boone-crockett.org if you know the facts. We'll post the details as we learn them.


Jared Lynn, BC 2007
Jared's First Buck
April 25, 2008

Mike Lynn, Jared's dad, submitted this photo of his son with his first buck. He wrote the following: "I am very proud of my son for his effort to become a hunter. What impressed me most, however, was the shot that he didn't take. He passed on a larger deer becaouse he couldn't get a clean shot. The next evening, he set up firmly and downed this buck. He calls it a non-typical with a 4-inch drop tine. I think he describes it perfectly."

We couldn't agree more.


Kevin Moore, NV 2007
Nevada Trophy Dressed in Velvet
April 25, 2008

Kevin Moore was the lucky hunter who tagged this unique trophy in Nevada last fall. This 27-point, 27-inch wide trophy would excite even the most selective hunter.

This buck is a stag, meaning that it has been partially or completely castrated (either chemically, hormonally, or physically). As such, these animals don't grow their antlers in a normal fashion. Therefore, they are ineligible for listing in B&C's records books. That notwithstanding, this is a fantastic trophy.


Don Roach, AZ 2007
Arizona Archery Bull
April 25, 2008

Don Roach was able to arrow this tremendous trophy bull elk on an archery hunt in Arizona. It has not been officially submitted yet, but it is rumored to be near the 400-inch mark.

The largest typical American elk taken in Arizona is also the World's Record. Alonzo Winters took the bull in the White Mountains of Arizona in 1968. Final score on that great trophy is 442-5/8.


Wade Williams, AK 2007
Long-Horned Dall's Ram from the Alaska Range
April 18, 2008

This great 13-year-old Dall's Sheep was taken by Wade Williams in the Alaska Range. It is reported to have horn lengths of nearly 43 inches and could possibly score in the 175 range. If so, that would place it near the top of its category for the 27th Awards Program.


Justin Misegadis, NE 2007
Nebraska Trophy Pronghorn
April 18, 2008

Justin Misegadis scored big on an archery pronghorn hunt last fall by arrowing this great trophy in Nebraska. It wa reported to score 86-4/8 (green). No word yet on an official score, but a truly tremendous trophy. Congratulations, Justin!


Albert Bromley, SK 2007
Three-Antlered Buck for First-Time Deer Hunter
April 18, 2008

Albert Bromley tried deer hunting for the first time last fall. One full minute into his first day ever of hunting big game, he took this interesting trophy. Where its right eye should have been, they instead discovered a third antler, pedicle and all.


Mike Hall, CO 2007
A True High Country Mule Deer Hunt
April 18, 2008

Mike Hall took this great mule deer (reported to score in the 190s) last fall on a muzzleloader hunt in Colorado. Spike camp for this hunt was 10,500 feet!

Many areas of Colorado experienced a severe winter over the past few months. Only time will tell how much this will affect not only the mature bucks but also the entire herd in Colorado.


Ohio 2007
Dressed to the Nines
April 11, 2008

This buck went all out to impress the ladies by beefing up his headgear. Unfortunately, it came at the sacrifice of his vision. It is reported that under this monstrous mop was a 180-class 17-pointer! Maybe more of that mess is antler than it looks.


Kyle Stephenson, TX 2007
Low Fence But High Score in Texas
April 11, 2008

Kyle Stephenson was hunting in Schleicher County, Texas in December when he encountered his dream buck. Kyle reports that he may score around the 200-inch mark, and that he is a legitimate fair chase trophy, taken in a low-fenced area. If, when officially scored, it makes B&C's minimum score, it would be the first entry in B&C's records from that county. Congratulations on your great trophy whitetail, Kyle.


Mike Nelson
"Triple-Beamed" Whitetail
April 11, 2008

Mike Nelson took this tremendous whitetail. This unique trophy has a main beam that branches into three separate "sub - main beams". While interesting, it is not all that uncommon, particularly in whitetails. B&C receives several such bucks each fall where the beam splits into three separate branches. Most of these tend to take on somewhat complete antler characteristics.


Cody Cole, OR 2007
Giant Oregon Velvet Muley
April 11, 2008

Cody Cole was hunting in Oregon last fall when he arrowed this giant velvet mule deer. Reports are that it may score over 200, which would place it high in Oregon's listings.

B&C does not accept velvet entries, but if the hunter chose to remove the velvet, this trophy could potentially be eligible for entry into B&C's Records Program.


A Brown Bear of Giant Proportions
April 4, 2008

This bear has been making the email rounds, but thus far no details have surfaced. Hopefully this post will bring some information forward on this great trophy. You can email us at tw@boone-crockett.org if you have the scoop.


Mexico, 2008
Sonora in January - A Mule Deer Heaven
April 4, 2008

No word on who took this giant-framed mule deer yet, but what an incredible trophy. Obviously from Mexico, this buck would give any hunter an erratic heartbeat. We'll post more information as we learn it.


John Vincent, CA 2006
California Trophy Bear from the Trinities
April 4, 2008

John Vincent took this great 20-11/16 black bear in his home state of California - Trinity County, to be exact. John's fine trophy easily surpasses the 20 minimum score needed to qualify for entry into B&C's records program.

Most of the largest black bears in North America come from the northeastern and north-central U.S., east-central Canada, and coastal Alaska, but California does have some exceptional black bear hunting, including some of the largest bears in the western U.S.


Don Dees, NV 2007
Nevada High Country Bighorn
April 4, 2008

Don Dees drew a coveted Nevada bighorn sheep permit this past fall and scored with this tremendous ram. With horn lengths of 40-4/8 (right) and 39-4/8 (left), it's easy to see how this great trophy scores high enough to make the all-time records book.

Don's trophy, scoring 187 points, was accepted into B&C's 27th Awards Program on March 27, 2008. It currently stands as the third-largest ram ever taken in Nevada.


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