Records of North American Big Game, 15th Edition

Long considered “The Book” of big game records, Boone and Crockett Club’s newest edition of its All-Time records book—Records of  North American Big Game—is the most complete big game records book cataloging the greatest big game ever taken in North America. Available in paperback or as a hard-cover with slipcase collector's edition.



These one-of-a-kind records books live up to their long-standing reputation with more than 36,000 trophy listings, hundreds of color photos and intriguing chapters. In its fifteenth edition since the original book was published by B&C in 1932, this latest edition has grown to nearly 1,000 pages split between two-volumes.

What's Inside

  • Listings of more than 36,000 native North American big game trophies in 38 categories—an increase of over 4,500 trophies from the previous edition—including B&C final and gross scores, detailed measurements, plus location and year taken.

  • Two new World’s Records since the previous edition— musk ox and bighorn sheep.

  • Stories, photos, and score charts for the World’s Records in all 38 categories, plus over 300 photographs of the top-ranking animals.

  • Over 600 color photographs of hunters in the field.

  • Entertaining chapters and photo essays that every outdoorsman will enjoy including updates on the current status of desert bighorn sheep and Columbia blacktail deer, a special photo essay about wildlife artist Bob Kuhn, plus special sections on Betty and Grancel Fitz, the Club's National Collection of Heads and Horns and stories about trophies lost to history.

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