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Relive Vintage Mule Deer Hunting with New B&C Book


Vintage photos of giant mule deer with yardsticks nestled in their headgear. Historic score sheets boasting crazy-wide antler spreads--up to 43-4/8 inches for typicals; 49-2/8 inches for non-typicals. Classic accounts of legendary muley hunts. Such memorabilia and tons more are being released from the Boone and Crockett Club archives in a new book, A Mule Deer Retrospective.

The book also boasts chapters by some of today’s most respected mule-deer fanatics: Guy Eastman, Ryan Hatfield, Jim Heffelfinger, Miles Moretti and Wayne van Zwoll.

"This is a comprehensive look at one of the West’s most iconic trophies--an album of historic treasures for anyone who’s interested in the past, present and future of mule deer," said Boone and Crockett Publications Director Julie Tripp. "It's the third in our series of retrospective books, following the successes of A Whitetail Retrospective and An American Elk Retrospective."

A Mule Deer Retrospective is 304 colorful pages, hardcover, great for a gift, priced at $34.95, but discounted to $27.95 for Boone and Crockett associates. Join at or 888-840-4868.

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