Scorechart Set – Includes All 17 Charts


Learn to score and record any category of North American big game on an official Boone and Crockett Club score chart. This set includes one of each of the 17 different charts available from B&C. Instructions are on the back of each chart. Charts are available for sale to the general public for green scoring purposes only. All trophies must be scored by a B&C Official Measurer and submitted to B&C headquarters to be considered for the Big Game Records Book.

  • Bear
  • Cougar/Jaguar
  • Walrus
  • Typical American Elk
  • Non-Typical American Elk
  • Tule/Roosevelt's Elk
  • Typical Mule Deer and Blacktail
  • Non-Typical Mule Deer and Blacktail
  • Typical Whitetail and Coues' Deeer
  • Non-typical Whitetail and Coues' Deer
  • Moose
  • Caribou
  • Pronghorn
  • Bison
  • Rocky Mountain goat
  • Musk Ox
  • Sheep

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Score charts are also available to download for free, click here for the complete list.


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