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Swarovski Optik Joins B&C's 'Trailblazer in Conservation'


Optics icon Swarovski Optik has officially announced its participation in Trailblazers in Conservation, a Boone and Crockett Club initiative to help the hunting community rise to the challenges of a changing world.

If sporting lifestyles--and the conservation successes long funded through hunting--are to thrive in the future, then today's sportsmen must find a way to balance climate change, increased energy development, unmitigated urban sprawl, wildlife disease outbreaks, conflicting policies and a host of other challenges.

Swarovski Optik joins a growing list of Trailblazers in Conservation partners behind the Club's work for better scientific wildlife management, balanced policies, hunter advocacy and broader understanding of the applications and benefits of sustainable-use conservation.

"Boone and Crockett began positioning hunters as leaders of conservation in 1887, and the Club remains the most active sporting organization in Washington D.C. today," said Marc Mondavi, vice president of communications for the Club. 

Swarovski Optik began in 1895 when Austrian entrepreneur Daniel Swarovski invented the world's first electric grinding machine for jewelry stones and crystal products. Daniel's son, Wilhelm, envisioned another use for those specialized glass-finishing technologies, and in 1949 unveiled the company's first binocular, the Habicht 7x42, which still stands as an industry standard. Riflescopes followed in 1959 and spotting scopes in 1967. Today the full Swarovski line is renowned for highest-quality design and engineering.

Dean Capuano, Director of Communications for Swarovski Optik North America said, " Conservation and protecting hunters rights is very important to us here at Swarovski Optik. Boone and Crockett's Trailblazers in Conservation program is a great way for us as a company to get involved and help to do whatever it takes to protect our rights for future generations."

Swarovski Optik joins Boyt Harness Co., and Buck Knives as the initial partners in Trailblazers in Conservation.

Learn more about the Trailblazers in Conservation corporate sponsorship program by contacting Boone and Crockett at (406) 542-1888, ext. 208, or

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