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There were a thousand thoughts zipping through my mind as I crouched in my makeshift blind, straining to hear a hint of sound that would let me know that I was not all alone here in the woods. Thoughts such as, did I blow it? Did the wind spook the bull? Should I just pack up and leave quietly and return tomorrow? Should I have tried stalking the noises I had heard? Will I hit a branch if I get a shot? Is this hunt going to be one of those that end up as a good story, but no meat?
By Michael J. O’Haco, Jr. 19th Big Game Awards Program | From Legendary Hunts It was the first weekend in August 1985, and I was out of town. I called home because I knew the Arizona hunting permits should be in the mail. My wife Linda said there was good news and bad news: I said I wanted the bad...
By Lester A. Kish 21st Big Game Awards Program| From Legendary Hunts To say that hunting is a sport of luck is an understatement. In 1990, I had the good fortune to draw a bighorn sheep permit in Montana’s Unit 213, near Anaconda. With odds exceeding 100 to 1, just drawing the permit was an...
By Ronald N. Franklin 25th Big Game Awards Program| From Legendary Hunts I had just received the news I had been drawn for one of the toughest units to get a tag in the Arizona draw. I called everyone I knew to pass on my good fortune. Everyone was so excited and ready to help on the hunt. Then the...
By Charles J. Hogeland 23rd Big Game Awards Program| From Legendary Hunts I am only a young man, but hunting is a family tradition that is already dear to my heart. I went on my first hunting trip with my father, mother, and six-year-old brother when I was three months old. Hunting is bred into me...
By Jerry J. James 19th Big Game Awards Program| From Legendary Hunts My cougar hunt began in the spring of 1979 when I first decided to go on a hunt. I wrote letters to guides, and then eagerly awaited the morning mail for the replies to come. I was able to narrow my guide selection, and after...
By Holland D. Butler 21st Big Game Awards Program| From Legendary Hunts A green island in the middle of rock and sandstone, the Henry Mountains of Utah are as unique as the land surrounding them. Found halfway between the Canyonlands and Capitol Reef National Parks, the Henry’s Mount Ellen reaches...
My dad and I boarded a plane in Portland, Oregon, on August 27, headed for Dillingham, Alaska. This was the beginning of a 10-day hunting trip for moose and caribou, in the Wood-Tikchik State Park.
By Robert B. Nancarrow 23rd Big Game Awards Program| From Legendary Hunts I had just been thrown from the sled, when John, my guide, prematurely threw out the anchor before the sled had slowed enough for a safe dismounting. I landed on my chest, with my rifle under me, sliding across the ice in the snow. We had tried to intercept a large boar that had been pursuing a sow, with two year-old cubs. We just weren’t quick enough. The boar had reached the new ice, and was quickly on its way to the rough ice.
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Looking into the forest shadows, I could see a form that looked out of place against a backdrop of thick spruce. I shouldered my rifle and peered through the scope. The image observed through the riflescope electrified me as I realized I was only yards from the monster grizzly — and I was clearly the focal point of its attention.
Listen Now > > I sensed it was about time to hear from Ross Peck of Fort St. John, British Columbia, about a hunt for Stone’s sheep. We had invited him into the Taylor Ranch in the central Idaho wilderness last winter to show him a bighorn, but time and weather prevented his visit.
Listen Now > > For 40 years, I have hunted cougar with hounds; and, hopefully, my 1988 hunt will not be my swan song. The last 30 years, I have hunted in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness in Idaho each winter, trying to kill a Boone and Crockett lion.
Listen Now > > The huge elk caught me by surprise. I was hunting mule deer with my guide when a bull bugled 200 yards away. I say “bugle,” but that’s really not the word. “Growl” would better describe the sound.
Listen Now > > From the very first moment that I saw this buck, I knew I had to have him, no mat­ter the cost in time or effort.
Listen Now > > As a lifelong resident of Edmonton, Alberta, I was aware of the trophy whitetail potential of the area surrounding my hometown, even prior to September 20, 1991. On that day, that trophy whitetail potential became trophy whitetail reality.
Listen Now > > “No closer!” cautioned my Inuit guide Charlie Bolt, raising his rifle just in case. “Shoot now. Shoot the white-horned bull.”
Listen Now > > After moving to southeast Alaska almost 10 years ago, it didn’t take me long to learn I was living in some of the best trophy mountain goat territory in North America. I knew someday I would hunt for a trophy goat, but at the time, I was hunting Dall’s sheep each year, and that was using up most of my hunting time and money.
Listen Now > > On one hand, I can say Boone and Crockett has never really been the objective of any of my hunting trips. But on the other hand, I can never remember sitting on a cold deer stand, rifle in hand, that thoughts of a record whitetail didn’t cross my mind.
Listen Now > > Jason, my son, was then 12 years old; this was to be our first “real” hunt. He had hunted since he was seven years old, around our ranch in southern British Columbia. We had decided on grizzly. I had always wanted a trophy grizzly. I had ranched some years before in the Anahim Lake area. We had friends there, and we knew there were large bears in the area.
Listen Now > > Hunting has always been a very important activity for our family. My grandpa Isbell taught my dad how to hunt and the tradition has continued through the generations. Our family consists of my mom, dad, and four daughters. I’m the youngest of the girls. Dad started each of us shooting when we were about five years old with .22s and used various firearms working up to a bolt action, scoped .22 long rifle.
Listen Now > I hunted bear in the Galiuro Mountains for several years, but September 9, 1982, was to be a day that I will never forget. It began very much like all my previous hunts. After two days of calling without spotting any bears, and two unfruitful stands on the third day of the season, I set my call on the ground and began to light my pipe.
Listen Now > > > Lady Luck often seems fickle, but in reality, she tends to favor those who most deserve a shot of good fortune. This truism proves itself regularly in the whitetail world, where hard work results in consistently good results for certain hunters. If you need an example, consider this three-year episode involving a practicing trophy hunter from Edgar County, Illinois.
Listen Now > > The story on the following pages was written by William Dallas “Dall” DeWeese in 1888, over 115 years before his elk was ever scored for the Boone and Crockett records book. It is not simply a recounting of the story of his hunt; It is also a priceless look into the past of our hunting heritage. Everything in this story tells a tale, whether it’s the hunting slang of the day, the things they saw, or what common thoughts and acceptable practices were in that era.
Listen Now > > “Damn, damn, damn. I should have taken that lead ram of the five I saw opening day,” I thought as I planned my next three days of hunting...

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