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B&C Classics Series By Charles Sheldon Join Sheldon on his two years of field experiences while engaged in studying wild sheep of Yukon Territory from 1904 to 1905. This detailed account is strictly from the point of view of a hunter interested in natural history. Sheldon traveled by steamboat, canoe, pack horses and on foot as he was accompanied by other well known explorers of his generation such as Frederick C. Selous , William H. Osgood, and Carl Rungius . The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon is profusely illustrated with nearly 100 photographs and paintings from the trip including four detailed maps of his travels.
B&C Classics By Theodore Roosevelt Follow B&C founder Theodore Roosevelt during his time in the Dakotas and Montana beginning in 1884. Upon his return from this particular sojourn out west he promptly organized a formal dinner with his friends and colleagues in December 1887 and formed the Boone and Crockett Club. In Ranch Life and the Hunting-Trail , Roosevelt records his experiences from his hunting adventures, the people and animals that he encounters, the excitement of the round up, to the everyday life on the ranch.
B&C Classics By Frederick C. Selous Follow noted adventurer Frederick Courteney Selous as he spends nine years amongst the game of the far interior of South Africa as a professional hunter beginning in 1871 at the young age of 20.
B&C Classics By William T. Hornaday Readers will join early B&C members William T. Hornaday and John M. Phillips as they travel through the mountains in British Columbia by horseback on an expedition to collect museum specimens and to hunt for the region’s various big game animals. Readers will find 70 high-quality photographs taken more than a hundred years ago to complement Hornaday’s prose, which is highly entertaining. The authors’ adventures take them among mountain goats, grizzly bears, and bighorn sheep. Hornaday also provides detailed natural history on the various species—big and small—they encounter along the way. Readers will also enjoy numerous camp-fire tales from the many colorful characters they meet on their trip.
B&C Classics By Theodore Roosevelt Relive Roosevelt’s account of his African wanderings as an American hunter-naturalist in African Game-Trails . This edition includes over 100 refined photographs, drawings, and maps from the original publication as well as bonus images not found in other editions.

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