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My dad and I boarded a plane in Portland, Oregon, on August 27, headed for Dillingham, Alaska. This was the beginning of a 10-day hunting trip for moose and caribou, in the Wood-Tikchik State Park.
Family, friends, persistence, and do-it-yourself public land: The story behind what could be the new Colorado state record moose and number six All-time Shiras’ moose.
World's Record Shiras' Moose
The World's Record Shiras' moose has held the top spot for over 60 years. It's currently on display at the Jackson Hole Museum in Wyoming. The world’s record Shiras’ moose ( Alces alces shirasi ) was taken by John M. Oakley of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Shot during the 1952 season near Green River Lake,...
Rex J. Nick harvested the new World's Record Alaska-Yukon moose near Alaska's Lower Yukon River in 2010. Rex J. Nick was hunting near Pilot Station on Native corporation land in Game Management Unit 18, Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, along the Lower Yukon River on September 26, 2010, when he harvested the...
World's Record Canada Moose
Pennsylvanian Michael E. Laub was joined by two close friends on a combo hunt for moose and grizzly bear in British Columbia when he harvested the World's Record Canada moose. In the fall of 1980, Michael E. Laub left the gentle hills of Pennsylvania for the rough terrain of British Columbia in...
SCIENCE BLASTS By John F. Organ, B&C Professional Member Drs. Dave Wattles and Steve DeStefano of the Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit attach a GPS collar to a bull moose in west-central Massachusetts. Excerpt from Spring 2016 issue of Fair Chase The distribution of the...
There are three sub-species of North American moose—Alaska-Yukon, Canada, and Shiras’. Fewer measurements are taken for moose than for the other antlered categories. Despite this, moose can be one of the most complex trophies to measure. The largest in both body and antler size is the Alaska-Yukon moose found in Alaska, Northwest Territories and the Yukon. A prime Alaska-Yukon bull can weigh up to 1,600 pounds, stand over 7 feet tall at the shoulder, and grow antlers exceeding 6 feet wide and weighing up to 90 pounds.
The major features that make up a B&C score for moose are: Greatest Spread, D - Width of Palm, and Length of Palm. By Craig Boddington Of all the living members of the deer family, moose have the greatest amount of antler material. They also show great variation in size, with the smallest racks...

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