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Musk Ox

At four in the afternoon, the three men started cutting up the massive musk ox. Six hours later, they had it quartered and stuffed into their packs. After all, this is how these guys pack their Dall’s sheep out of the Northwest Territories every year. They left behind a front shoulder and hindquarter but placed the head and hide on top of the meat so the grizzlies and wolves would get that first. After a three-mile hump across the muskeg, they got back to camp at one in the morning. At dawn, they returned for the rest.
World's Record Musk Ox - Tie Shockey
Pending new World's Record musk ox taken in 2020! If the entry score is confirmed by next year’s judges panel at the 31st Big Game Awards , it will take the top spot for musk ox in the Boone and Crockett Records. Craig D. Scott claimed this World's Record musk ox in 2002. Two-Way Tie! Musk ox (...

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