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Mike Gallo donated his new World's Record pronghorn to the Boone and Crockett Club's National Collection while attending the Club's 29th Big Game Awards Banquet in Springfield, Missouri. In 2013, I bought the New Mexico enhancement pronghorn tag. I have purchased that tag each of the eight or so...
By Michael J. O’Haco, Jr. 19th Big Game Awards Program | From Legendary Hunts It was the first weekend in August 1985, and I was out of town. I called home because I knew the Arizona hunting permits should be in the mail. My wife Linda said there was good news and bad news: I said I wanted the bad...
By David Hewitt, Boone and Crockett Club Professional Member It is an axiom that management for trophy deer, sheep, and goats requires management for older males because antler and horn size increase with age. For example, antlers continue to increase in size each year until white-tailed deer bucks...
The major features that make up a B&C score for a pronghorn: C - Length of Horn, D - circumferences, and E - Length of Prong. The unique pronghorn, its population reduced to some 15,000 head in the early 1900s , is one of America's greatest conservation success stories. Now legally hunted in...

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