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Whitetail Deer

They may not be the prettiest specimens on the planet, but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And we’re willing to bet you wouldn’t pass up any of these bucks because they were a tad asymmetrical. Some of these deer were taken by hunters who didn’t mind a lot of junk. One deer’s...
NUMBER ONE — Hunter: Milo Hansen Score: 213-5/8 points Location: Saskatchewan Year: 1993 It all started with a school bus driver. On the last day of Saskatchewan’s 1992 deer season, the driver told some locals that a monster whitetail was feeding in Milo Hansen’s alfalfa field. Once word got around...
The World's Record non-typical whitetail is a "picked up" trophy and is owned by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Missouri produces numerous world-class whitetail deer, but it wasn't until fall 1981 that the state acquired bragging rights to the world's record non-typical whitetail (...
Saskatchewan hunter Milo N. Hanson harvested the World's Record typical whitetail deer in 1992, on his own land. Working long days as a grain and cattle farmer in Biggar , Saskatchewan, Milo N. Hanson doesn't have the time or money to hunt all over the continent. Then again he hasn’t had to travel...
By Steve Côté In most instances, a confrontation between a white-tailed deer and a black bear would be decided in favor of the bear. Dr. Steve Côté , a scientist with the Université Laval in Quebec, has indentified a situation which defies this conventional wisdom. Dr. Côté and his colleagues have...
The first thing you will notice about a large whitetail buck’s rack is the overall height and width, followed by the number of points, and mass. When assessing a potential trophy’s score, we need to look at the lengths of the main beams, lengths of the points, the inside spread of the main beams, and the mass or circumference of the main beams at four locations. Learn more about the different components that contribute to the overall score for a whitetail and other big game animals recognized by B&C.
SCIENCE BLASTS By John F. Organ, B&C Professional Member Graduate student Elizabeth Orning collared cougars in 2013 in northeast Oregon as part of the ODFW wolf monitoring program. Excerpt from Spring 2018 issue of Fair Chase Wildlife managers and hunter-conservationists have long been...
Top State Stats from B&C's newest book - Records of North American Whitetail Deer, Sixth Edition. When there’s almost 700 pages in a book, you know there has to be a lot of good information—and there’s no doubt that the Boone and Crockett Club’s sixth edition of “Records of North American...
ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! The Boone and Crockett Club is pleased to announce they are releasing the sixth edition of their most popular record book -- Records of North American Whitetail Deer! This greatly expanded sixth edition features over 17,000 trophy listings for whitetail and Coues’ whitetail deer dating back to the late 1800s up through December 31, 2019. Along with the state and provincial listings, readers will also enjoy the hunting stories of 37 of the top whitetail deer taken in the 21st Century.
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By Kevin L. Monteith (B&C Official Measurer), Jonathan A. Jenks (Distinguished Professor, South Dakota State University), R. Terry Bowyer (B&C Professional Member) Although only one subspecies of white-tailed deer ( O. v. dacotensis ) inhabits South Dakota, deer occupying the Black Hills of...

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