Trail And Campfire


The third book in B&C's Acorn Series

Published in 1897. Reprinted in 1988.

The third volume of the Club's Acorn series, Trail and Camp Fire, follows suit with its predecessors featuring hunting stories and adventure in North America as well as Africa. Along with the hunting stories, this volume also includes expanded text on the natural history of North American game and forest preservation. Additional chapters about the Adirondack Deer Law and the origin of the New York Zoological Society are also included with a special section of books written by Club members. Chapter authors include Theodore Roosevelt, A.P. Low, Lewis S. Thompson, William Lord Smith, C. Grant La Farge, George Bird Grinnell, J.C. Merrill, Henry L. Stimson, William Cary Sanger, Clay Arthur Pierce, and Madison Grant.

Available in three editions—Hardcover, Paperback and as an E-book (ePub and Mobi).


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"The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. So we must and we will."

-Theodore Roosevelt