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Wildlife Caught on Camera—Volume 12

The Boone and Crockett Club’s Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch (TRMR) is an outdoor classroom on an epic scale. From kid camps to Scout expeditions, the TRMR is a place to slow down and watch as nature goes about her business. And what better way to watch than with strategically placed trail cameras? 

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The ranch has nearly three dozen wildlife trail cameras set in key locations, and those cameras take thousands of shots every year. The job of sorting those photos falls to Chris Hansen, Boone and Crockett Fellow at the University of Montana. 



Spring Has Sprung

When the snow thaws on the 6,000-acre TRMR on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, the animals take notice. The wolves cruise well-known routes looking for winter kill, and grizzlies do the same, albeit sluggishly after emerging from hibernation. Snowshoe hares bounce about only to have their fun spoiled by hungry bobcats and coyotes. The ranch is a true melting pot of big and small game, going about their business much like they have for thousands of years.

To read more about the mission of the TRMR, its history, the research conducted there, and how you can visit, just click here.

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