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Official measurements cannot be taken until the antlers, horns, skulls, or tusks have air dried at normal room temperature for at least 60 days after the animal was killed. If the trophy has been frozen prior to cleaning, as is often the case with skulls, the 60-day drying period begins once the cleaning process is complete. The drying process for trophies that have been boiled or freeze-dried starts the day they are removed from the boiling pot or freeze-drier, respectively.

In the case of picked up trophies, the 60-day drying period also applies. If it is very clear from the condition of the antlers, horns, skulls, or tusks that the trophy has dried for more than 60 days, one does not have to wait another 60 days from when it was found to measure it. However, it is necessary to enter the approximate date the animal died on the line provided for the date of kill on the score chart. Trophy owners may be asked to provide a brief history for "Picked Up" trophies or trophies of unknown origin to substantiate the approximate date of death.

If you have a trophy that you believe may qualify for our Big Game Awards Program, please contact one of our measurers to have it officially scored. To view a list of Official Measurers in your area:

1. Select your State/Province from the dropdown list,
2. Type in the Confirmation Code, and
3. Click "Get List".

Please note: Official Measurers work on a volunteer basis for the Boone and Crockett Club and measure trophies according to their schedules. Their contact information is for personal use only and may not be collected, used, and/ or distributed for any commercial purposes.

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