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How to Become a B&C Official Measurer

Workshop Class

Newly trained B&C Official Measurers who attended a workshop at B&C Headquarters in Missoula, Montana, in April 2015.   


All trophies entered in the Boone and Crockett Club's Big Game Records Program must be measured by a trained, official Boone and Crockett Club measurer. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer B&C Official Measurer you must first attend a measurer training workshop sponsored by the Club's Records Department. Being an Official Measurer and ambassador for the Club is a prestigious appointment. These classes are by invitation only and measurers serve at the discretion of the Club.

If you are interested in becoming an Official Measurer, complete the online application (make sure you fill out the address information in your account settings) or download the Official Measurer Application at right and return to B&C's Records Department. When completing your application, include information such as: previous measuring experience (state programs, contests, etc.), if you are able to travel to measure trophies, and references.

Completed applications are kept on file and reviewed periodically. Please note that the Club only appoints approximately 20-50 new measurers per year, and that we receive hundreds of applications for those few openings. Any updated information you submit will be attached to your application.



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