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Search the entire B&C Records Book dating back to 1830 – Online!

After much anticipating, planning, data entry, and testing, the Club has launched Trophy Search. Yes, the information super-age has caught up to records keeping in a way that will satisfy even the most dedicated researcher of trophy data and statistics.

Trophy Search now includes links to thousands of field photos and portrait photos. New photos are being added on a regular basis.

This new database is the complete collection of all Boone and Crockett trophies in 38 categories from the beginning of recorded trophies to date (1830 - through today). Data searches can be queried in a number of different ways depending on the type and amount of information in which you are interested. It is set up by species and you can ask it to search for trophy listings by a specific year or range of years; by state, county or province; or by the hunter/owner’s last name if you are looking for one particular trophy.

The “Advance Search” option allows you to ask specific questions about a trophy category. For example, you can ask for a listing of typical mule deer with:

  • Highest score
  • Greatest or smallest spread
  • Greatest or smallest inside spread
  • Greatest number of specified points (4x4, 5x5, 5x4, etc.)
  • Greatest or smallest sum of abnormal points
  • Longest point
  • Greatest or smallest main beam
  • Greatest circumference.

Perfect for researching trophy areas – Where to apply or where to build preference points

This list of possibilities and uses of the new database are limited only by your time and imagination. Everything you could ever want to know about record-class animals, where they are coming from or have come from, when, how big, and how one area might stack up against another area is all just a few key strokes away. Trophy Search is available as a yearly subscription. For just $50 a year (or $40 a year for current B&C Associates) you can have unlimited access to the Club’s trophy database...

The possibilities are endless.

To sign-up for Trophy Search, visit the Club’s web store today.

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