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The Combinator Research Tool lets you pick and choose any state and species to see where the hunting is hot. Here’s how it works. 


Say you want to know the hottest state for typical elk entries from 2000. Use the dropdown menu for the ‘Year’ in the top left corner. Choose 2000. The graph below will populate all the species’ entries for 2000. Then, click ‘typical American elk’ in the species menu above the chart. You’ll see that Utah had a total of five entries for typical American elk in 2000. It’s that easy. 

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For specific breakdowns, consider a subscription to Big Game Records LIVE!, which gives you access to the Boone and Crockett Club’s Classic Trophy Search, as well as County Search. An annual subscription is just $50.

Classic Trophy Search gives you the ability to search for any specific species or combination of species and filter by year, location, and hunter name. This search also gives you the option to view the details for a specific trophy with access to digital score charts and photographs.

The County Search tool allows you to narrow your search to the individual counties producing the top trophies in every state. It’s an invaluable tool to help plan your next hunt. 

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