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I Hunt, So @#&! Off! - Hunt Fair Chase

Maybe it’s because the media has long taken potshots at hunters. Maybe it’s because social media invites inflammatory, soundbite headlines and unfiltered keyboard terrorists. Maybe it’s because animal rights and anti-hunting groups never seem to let the facts get in the way of a good argument. Maybe it’s all of the above and more.

It’s frustrating and a gross disservice to sportsmen who have given so much to wildlife over the past century. Regardless, our collective response to misinformation, lies, and attacks says a lot about us as hunters.

Where we have seemed to have landed is a place where far too many hunters are digging their heels in and sending the message, “If you don’t like the fact that I hunt, you can shove it.” While this could be a justifiable response considering the nonsense and the attacks, it’s not getting us anywhere.

The next time you’re in a situation to explain or defend your hunting and feel the need to fire back, don’t swing at pitches low and in the dirt. Thoughtful and courteous responses still win the day. As Mom always said, “There’s never an excuse to be impolite.” As for the “antis”—like a famous lawyer once said, “Never get into an argument with someone whose living depends on disagreeing with you.”


Hunt Fair Chase Decals


High-quality, custom cut white vinyl decals promoting hunting ethics.

Three options to choose from:

  •  Whitetail deer and pronghorn. Measures 3 x 6 inches.
  • The original! Caribou and brown bear. Measures 5.5 x 6 inches.
  • Elk and sheep. Measures 5 x 6 inches.

Regular Price: $10.00




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-Theodore Roosevelt