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Accomplishments of the Boone and Crockett Club’s University Programs for 2020.
University of Montana - Ph.D. - 2021 | Conservation Benefits of Sustainable Land Use on Mammal Communities
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Bryan Stevens Michigan State University, Ph.D. 2016 Dr. Bryan Stevens completed his doctoral degree under the mentorship of Dr. Bill Porter, where he developed population assessment and decision support tools to inform wild turkey harvest management in Michigan. While completing his doctoral degree...
University of Montana - PhD - Projected to Graduate 2021 | Integrated ecology of a reintroduction: Missouri elk restoration/ ecology and management of the restored elk population in Missouri
Students in this department are interested in making contributions to solving problems associated with the extinction of species, wildlife recreational uses, food production from aquaculture, environmental education, and urban wildlife and fisheries recreational activities. TAMU Wildlife Program...
B&C Fellow Nora Hargett studying a nest and measuring its perimeter while conducting field work on sandhill cranes. University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Boone and Crockett Fellowship Program Since 2012, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has offered the Douglas R. Stephens Boone and...
ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES FOR EVALUATING AND MITIGATING WILDLIFE-VEHICLE COLLISIONS Roads are a widespread and increasing feature on most landscapes throughout the world, and their presence can have substantial negative consequences for many species of wildlife. Wildlife-vehicle collisions ( WVCs )...
GLOBAL TEMPERATURE INCREASE RESULTING FROM CLIMATE CHANGE HAS A POTENTIAL TO AFFECT NATURAL ECOSYSTEMS IN PROFOUND WAYS. BIRD COMMUNITIES ARE A GOOD INDICATOR OF THE IMPACTS Global temperature increase resulting from climate change has a potential to affect natural ecosystems in profound ways. Bird...
Michigan State University - PhD - Graduated 2017 | Conserving avian biodiversity on managed forest landscapes: the importance of pattern and scale

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