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Bighorn Sheep

T he new World's Record bighorn sheep was found on Montana's Wild Horse Island and is owned by the state. WORLD'S RECORD! By Clay Brewer, Kevin Hurley, Kurt Alt and Gray Thornton – The Wild Sheep Foundation Three of the top five Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep recorded by the Boone and Crockett Club...
A new state record gets one sheep hunter closer to his first Grand Slam By PJ DelHomme Growing up an Indiana boy, Grant Smith chased the state’s abundant whitetails and turkey. When he was all grown up, Smith took a trip to Colorado with his wife and discovered bighorn sheep. “I was just fascinated...
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The four wild sheep categories recognized by B&C offer some of the most fascinating variety of life styles and living conditions of any species of North American big game. There are two types of sheep, bighorn, which include bighorn and desert bighorn, and thinhorn, which include Dall’s and Stone’s sheep. Growth rings on a sheep’s horns help tell its age, just like tree rings. Horns grow throughout an animal’s lifetime, and, unlike antlers, are never shed.
By Vernon C. Bleich Steep, rocky terrain is widely recognized as an important component of bighorn sheep habitat. Visual openness, however, also is important because it enhances the probability that bighorn sheep can detect and evade predators. In southern California, some populations of bighorn...
Implications for Reintroduction and Conservation By Jericho C. Whiting (Senior Wildlife Biologist, Gonzales-Stoller Surveillance) and R. Terry Bowyer (Professional Member, Boone and Crockett Club) Populations of bighorn sheep, which once numbered in the thousands, have declined markedly since the...

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