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Coues' Whitetail

The first thing you will notice about a large whitetail buck’s rack is the overall height and width, followed by the number of points, and mass. When assessing a potential trophy’s score, we need to look at the lengths of the main beams, lengths of the points, the inside spread of the main beams, and the mass or circumference of the main beams at four locations. Learn more about the different components that contribute to the overall score for a whitetail and other big game animals recognized by B&C.
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World's Record Coues' Whitetail - Non-Typical
This incredible non-typical Coues' whitetail rack has great mass and sports 43-7/8 inches of non-typical growth. TROPHY STATS SCORE: 196 2/8 LOCATION: Graham County, Arizona HUNTER: Native American OWNER: D.J. Hollinger & B. Howard DATE: 1971 View Score Chart This phenomenal non-typical Coues'...
World's Record Coues' Whitetail - Typical
The antler mass on Ed Stockwell's Coues' whitetail deer sets it apart from any other Coues' buck ever taken. At the 1955 Boone and Crockett Awards Competition, held at the Museum of Natural History in New York City, judges were shocked when they measured a Coues' whitetail deer that was unlike any...

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