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B&C World's Record - Non-typical Coues' Whitetail Deer

World's Record Coues' Whitetail - Non-Typical

This incredible non-typical Coues' whitetail rack has great mass and sports 43-7/8 inches of non-typical growth.


This phenomenal non-typical Coues' deer (Odocoileus virginianus couesi) was taken in the late 1960s on the San Carlos Indian Reservation by a tribal member. Details of the hunt are limited, but we know it was taken south of Highway 70, possibly in the Mount  Turnbull area. Additional details of the hunt were lost when the hunter died. We know this: when he walked up on the animal the hunter must have been in awe of his tremendous trophy, the largest Coues' deer ever taken.

The 11x15-point rack sports a 152-3/8 typical frame and an incredible 43-7/8 inches of non-typical growth. The antlers from this Coues’ deer were originally sold to an antler dealer many years ago. They are now owned by Dana J. Hollinger and Bob Howard. 


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