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Every record-book entry has a story. We tell snapshots of those stories with each installment from More to the Score, a regular section celebrating hunters across North America. By highlighting hunters and their trophies, we tell the story of successful conservation efforts begun more than 130 years ago thanks to the founders of the Boone and Crockett Club. Without their foresight and passion for conserving wild animals and wild places, there would be no bounty of wildlife we enjoy today, in both photos and at the dinner table.


Motivation to Plan Your Hunting Season Starts Today Presented by Fiocchi You like walrus? How about big whitetails? We hope you like big, state-record black bears because we have those, too, in this installment of More to the Score. Would you sit in treestand while it pours rain and the temps hover...
Eight Entries to Cure the Winter Blues Presented by Fiocchi We’ve got a little something for everyone in this lineup of the latest entries in the Boone and Crockett Club records. There’s the second-biggest whitetail to come out of North Carolina and a top-five Montana black bear. And take a gander...
Ever wonder what it takes to hunt the second largest bighorn in Arizona history? What do 184-inch Dall’s sheep horns actually look like? Find those answers and more when you take a look at these 15 amazing entries recently accepted in B&C’s Big Game Records Program. From bears to bison, the trophies in this slideshow either rank near the top of the 31st Big Game Awards Program or are true specimens of their state.
Eleven Big-game Whoppers Presented by Fiocchi From state-record whitetail pick-ups to nearly World’s Record bison and tule elk, this installment of More to the Score will surely have you wishing hunting season wasn’t coming to a close. The good news? Now is the time to sift through the records to...
Giant Bison, Bears, Whitetails…and Everything in Between With some hunting seasons underway and others right around the corner, your head should be in the game by now. If not, then let us help with some of the top trophies of the 31st and upcoming 32nd Awards periods. If this doesn’t get your blood...
From the Desert to the Tundra, We’ve Got It All If you need some last-minute motivation to get out in the woods and fill your tag, we’ve got it right here. There’s a record-breaking Pennsylvania black bear, some wild trophies from the muskeg and tundra of the frozen north, and a great hunt for a...
Hang in there—fall is just around the corner. With a little rain and cooler temps, the wildfire smoke will clear out, the leaves will turn, and the critters will feel amorous again. In the meantime, sharpen your broadheads, sight in your rifle, and take a look at the biggest bucks and bruins to grace our records program in the past few months.
Rams, Bulls, a Billy, and a Cat Presented by Fiocchi Entries have been inundating our records department like a swarm of giant locusts—and we mean that in the most loving way. We like to see hunters bringing home some bacon and a nice memento from time spent afield. For this More to the Score...
A Dozen Spine-tingling Record-book Trophies Presented by Fiocchi Do you appreciate really big elk? Nasty non-typical mule deer your thing? Maybe you’re more a fan of sheep—Dall’s, desert, Stone’s? Honestly, it doesn’t matter, because we have a little bit of everything in this line-up from our most...
Sheep, Bears, Caribou, Whitetails—There’s a Giant for Every Hunter Could you pick only one species to hunt for the rest of your life? We can’t either, so we waded through our recent big game entries to give you a big taste of everything. North America is a hunter’s paradise, and the assortment of...
Spring 2022 Edition – What’s better than record-book antlers, horns, and skulls? The stories behind them, of course. This slideshow certainly has plenty of big bone at which to gawk. Dig deeper, though, and you’ll find so much more. There’s the coal miner from Virginia who drove to Newfoundland with two chest freezers to hunt woodland caribou. There is the hunter who killed the world’s record musk ox, and then he packed it out on his back. And did you hear the one about the Rocky Mountain goat in South Dakota? We’ve got them all right here.
Summer 2022 Edition With the 31st Big Game Awards right around the corner, the anticipation of seeing so many conservation success stories under one roof is electric. What follows is just a sample of some of the great trophies the Boone and Crockett Club will celebrate in Springfield Missouri, July...
Winter 2021 Edition - Whether your hunts are in the rearview or you’re layering up for one more try, we have a number of new record entries to keep hunting on your mind. Check out a new Montana state record black bear, a behemoth bighorn ram from North Dakota, and an Appalachian sleeper-state producing some incredible whitetails.
More to the Score Why are you here? Is it for stickers and kickers? Claws and capes? Perhaps you’re here to see Oregon’s largest Rocky Mountain goat killed by a young lad who isn’t yet old enough to drive. Or maybe you want to know more about a beastly Indiana non-typical whitetail. No matter. For...

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