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B&C Fellow Nora Hargett studying a nest and measuring its perimeter while conducting field work on sandhill cranes. University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Boone and Crockett Fellowship Program Since 2012, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has offered the Douglas R. Stephens Boone and...
Montana’s Boone and Crockett Professorship and Conservation Program
The Department has a number of specialized research laboratories and centers that support its focal areas, which include spatial and quantitative ecology, carnivore ecology, human-wildlife conflicts, and conservation biology. Mississippi’s Wildlife Program The Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and...
Field Technician Steven Gurney placing a trail camera as part of a study looking at impacts of harvest regulations on deer population characteristics in areas where CWD has been detected. MSU’s Wildlife Program Michigan State University (MSU) is the nation’s pioneer land-grant university. With...
Research is conducted on a variety of species, ranging from game species such as deer, turkey, quail, and bear to predators, as well as non-game and/or threatened and endangered species. UGA’s Wildlife Program The undergraduate and graduate programs in Wildlife Ecology and Management at the...
ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES FOR EVALUATING AND MITIGATING WILDLIFE-VEHICLE COLLISIONS Roads are a widespread and increasing feature on most landscapes throughout the world, and their presence can have substantial negative consequences for many species of wildlife. Wildlife-vehicle collisions ( WVCs )...
GLOBAL TEMPERATURE INCREASE RESULTING FROM CLIMATE CHANGE HAS A POTENTIAL TO AFFECT NATURAL ECOSYSTEMS IN PROFOUND WAYS. BIRD COMMUNITIES ARE A GOOD INDICATOR OF THE IMPACTS Global temperature increase resulting from climate change has a potential to affect natural ecosystems in profound ways. Bird...
Michigan State University - PhD - Graduated 2017 | Conserving avian biodiversity on managed forest landscapes: the importance of pattern and scale
Michigan State University - PhD - Graduated 2014 | Landscape-level effects of weather and land cover on wild turkey abundance, productivity, and regional harvest potential
SOCIAL-SPATIAL BEHAVIOR AND MANAGEMENT OF WHITE-TAILED DEER IN URBAN AND SUBURBAN ENVIRONMENTS With increasing urban sprawl, human-wildlife conflicts have become a focal point for managing wildlife populations. White-tailed deer ( Odocoileus virginianus ) are of interest because of the damage they...

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